Oil Paintings

The Eternity Collection 

       A study of permanence based on representations of our galaxy, as well as select landscapes from here on Earth.  Each oil painting recreates the inborn sense of awe and wonder at the vast expanse of beauty on this planet while incorporating imagery related to life and death, eternity, infinity, and philosophy.  I also provide smaller paintings of the milky way alone in a variety of custom colors in an attempt to make eternity available to everyone.

 Finity’s Edge


Sentiments of SentienceSentimentsofSentience

The Symbology Collection

This collection portrays subtle images in an attempt to trigger emotional responses to divine imagery from a variety of religions.  It relies heavily on Surrealism, but instead of incorporating subconscious imagery in a conscious image, this collection does the reverse by incorporating subconscious images alongside obvious images from a variety of religious backgrounds.  The end result, hopefully, is a subtle emotional shift to a slightly more religious, mystical, or devout frame of mind.  While some paintings have one single, obvious religious affiliation, others draw from a mix of images and remain unaffiliated.  The larger message of this study is simple;  we all benefit when people turn their attention toward a higher power, especially when surrounded by the mundane.

An Eastern Meditation


Returning to the Surreal

A collection of oil paintings based on dreams that I had, from early childhood to the present.  I find that pure dream imagery speaks to people in a way other imagery simply does not.

Time Measured in Dust



This painting led to the current study, The Eternity Collection





Studies in color and composition.

Liquid Smoke


Early Oils

Selected works from previous studies over the course of learning how to paint in the medium I love most.

Thundering Stallion


Winter Mourning


White Pelicans


Liquid Roses